Memory Compiler Architecture

Type Description
1-Port SRAM synchronous high density one port RAM
Dual Port SRAM synchronous high density two ports RAM
1 Port Register File sychronous one port register file
2 Ports Register File sychronous two ports register file
Via ROM sync via1 programmed ROM

  Delivery Package

There are two types of packages we could deliver to our customers. One is the Design Kit and the other is the Tape-out Kit. You are welcomed to download our database for evaluation.
Design Kit
Package Name Deliverables EDA Views
Design Package Synthesis model Synopsys
Simulation model Cadence Verilog-XL
Synopsys VSS (VHDL)
ATPG model Mentor Fastscan
Document Databook & Release Notes
P&R model in physical Cadence LEF
Tape-out kit
Package Name Deliverables EDA Views
Tape out package Netlist LVS netlist,Post-sim circuit netlist
Physical Layout GDSII Standard Format