Faraday's free library program is dedicated to minimizing library costs, reducing design times and providing quick access to volume production. This program allows customers to acquire the most advanced, complete and optimized libraries that have been validated for UMC's 90nm & 0.13-micron process at no charge. To optimize customers' benefits, Faraday offers technical and engineering support with its expert staff.

  Currently Faraday free library program provides two levels of service:
Item Basic Advanced
Service charge
Free Non-Free
Product update (bug fix & enhance) Yes
Conference meeting No Yes
HelpDesk Yes Yes
Direct FAE support (Phone/Email) No Unlimited
Early product access No Yes
Dedicated Contact Window in Faraday No Yes
Response Time Within two business days Within one business day
  1.Service charge
  • Basic: Totally free of charge.
  • Advanced: Please contact with Faraday sales representatives

2.Product update

  • Bug Fixing Services
    Faraday takes the responsibility of releasing the models, symbol files, and command files, as well as correcting and fixing the bugs that might affect design.

  • Enhancement Services
    Faraday will enhance and release each model; symbol and command file for improving performance.
  • Foundry Process Update Services
    Once foundry update process specific DSM (design support manuals, such as SPICE model, TLR, EDR, etc), Faraday will re-characterize all libraries that result from any changes or updates from UMC.
  3.Conference meeting
  • This service item allowed customers to have conference meetings with Faraday service representatives, when you have any questions or technical problems that could not be answered through email.

4. Help Desk

  • The Help Desk is a service created for our IP users to provide them with assistance on any IP related problems. Users can ask a question by creating an issue. The Help Desk system also allows users to track their previously created issues' status and detail information.
  5.Direct FAE support(Phone/ E-mail )
  • This service item allowed customers to get support from Faraday service representatives by direct hot lines or e-mail.
  6.Early product access
  • The advantages of “early product access” help customers to get product database and special support from Faraday service representatives in order to help customers to catch up their schedule. For example, if our database formal release date cannot catch up your tape-out schedule, with this service right, Faraday service team could arrange a special release for you to get database earlier.
  7.Dedicated Contact Window in Faraday
  • Basic: No dedicated contact windows in Faraday, service team members service all customers.
  • Advanced: Faraday provides dedicated contact window in Faraday.
  8.Response Time
  • Basic: The response time is within 2 business days.
  • Advanced: The response time is within 1 business day.